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Why mass shootings don't lead to gun control


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Have y’all ever ancountered a survey the results of which you believe are unbiased and significant? Do y’all know how to measure survey bias and survey significance?
Matter of fact I do...what the study does is refutes analysis of another 2017 scholars’ study...quote

In this article, we have replicated and extended the panel analysis in Newman and Hartman. Based on our results, we believe it would be appropriate to revise the empirical record on the effect of mass shootings. Specifically, we find no evidence that the occurrence of a mass shooting causes opinion to become, overall, more supportive of gun control policy.

Across a variety of different specifications, the general effect that we uncover for mass shooting events is small and not statistically distinguishable from zero. This runs counter to the findings reported by Newman and Hartman.

Of course, our replication and extension deals solely with the panel analysis presented by Newman and Hartman, but given our revised analysis suggesting null results using that approach, it does raise questions about whether the cross-sectional results they show may be caused by some unobserved confounding variables. Unquote

Bottom line, another set of scholars’ analysis differ from the original study’s scholars analysis, so once again my favorite mantra prevails ~ Lies, darn Lies, and statistics!


Regular Member
Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
Whether the majority support gun control does not matter, the right to bear arms is a basic human right. The 2A only confirms it, it is a shame that the gov for so long has gotten away with massive infringements.