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the ultimate gun owners grill


Campaign Veteran
Mar 1, 2009
Virginia, , USA
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Statesman wrote:
Someone should take this thing and use it to sell hotdogs in front of the U.N. building where the twisted revolver statue is located.
Sell hot dogs?

No. No. No.

You are missing the point good sir.

It should shoot fully cooked hot dogs out of the barrel to be caught by customers waiting to catch them with glove shaped buns.

THAT would be an all-american thing my good sir. :cool:


Regular Member
Jul 21, 2008
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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Personally I am barbecue impaired (or maybe I should say barbecue-challenged?) You see guys, everytime I try to make barbecue beans, they keep falling through the grill.:celebrate

Anyhow I hope everybody practices safe barbecuing and uses condiments! :celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate

"A man from Kansas City/had barbecue that(hey! What's with the hook? Hey, no, they're starting to laugh I.................