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Texas, Maybe.

MR Redenck

Regular Member
Nov 1, 2010
West Texas
Since you quoted me where I quoted the defense to prosecution, then yes: yes, I do agree. :lol:

I have been addressing this subject recently and doing a lot of study on it. I will have some information to share pretty soon. Most of it is based on posting requirements.


Regular Member
Jun 27, 2010
Colorado Springs. CO
It is regretable that Sonora Rebel has such a negative perception of Texas - but I DO understand.

Texas weapons laws - like most all states - are primarily directed towards criminal conduct.
Granted, sorry-ass D.A.'s , & judges misapply, , misconstrue, and misinterpret the INTENT of such laws.

Current statutory law in Texas criminalizes the INTENTIONAL display of a handgun by a "licensee". When I am in Texas I never INTENTIONALLY display my handgun in public.
I make every reasonable effort to conceal same. It is my INTENTION to conceal my handgun when in Texas.

I believe the 46.035 (a) sanction against licensed OC will be repealed in 2013.

Unfortunately, I believe there will be some political resistance to unlicensed (nonexcepted)handgun OC in Texas for some time.

That having been said .......I would submit that how a citizen goes about exercising their constitutionally ( Article 2, Section 23) declared RIGHT in Texas is paramount to public acceptance.
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