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OCer denied Right to Vote at St. Joe County polls


Campaign Veteran
Jun 16, 2008
Troy, Michigan, USA
Statement from Attorney Guy Relford regarding the disposition of (my brother) CCE1302's lawsuit:
Congratulations to Clay on the successful resolution of this litigation. Because he stood his ground and defended his Constitutional rights, poll workers across the state have been reeducated and Indiana gun owners are much less likely to have their rights infringed at the polls. It was my honor and privilege to represent Capt. Edinger in this case and I am proud to call him my friend as well.


Campaign Veteran
Aug 1, 2009
Indiana, USA
Congratulations, that is great news!

Kudos to cce1302 and Guy Relford for exposing the ignorance which was displayed and seeing this through to a settlement in the defense of lawful carry.

Your success is a win for all of us and a beacon of hope that justice will, at least on occasion, prevail. :)