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Making guns safer by making safer guns?


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Jan 5, 2012
Weber County Utah
It could work... here's an excerpt from gizmag.com:
Launched in California last week, the global challenge identifies four different categories as key pillars in the effort to reduce gun violence and offers US$1 million in grants and prize money for each.

The Armatix intelligent pistol, which we looked at in 2010, is an example of the type of thinking the challenge is looking to encourage. Users identify themselves via a fingerprint sensor on a custom wristwatch, which in turn sends a signal to to the gun and enables it for use.

In offering substantial rewards for technological solutions to gun safety, the foundation believes it can make a safer country for all, without compromising the constitutional rights valued by so many.
All you need is a new (probably very expensive) handgun, and a new (also probably very expensive) wristwatch, and you're in business. I'll go out on a limb here, and assume that there is a receiving unit somewhere in the gun, and unless it is enclosed within the materials composing the frame of the gun, it could probably be easily disabled/removed/hacked. The other downside would be, what are the consequences if your very expensive wristwatch stops working? Plus, it's one more time-consuming activation step the owner would need to take prior to bringing his/her sidearm into action. Nancy Pelosi would recommend that every gun user be forced to buy buy something like that (everybody but HER)... I wouldn't buy one if I lost a bet. Pax...
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