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DFW Gun in Dallas, well, it WAS in Dallas


Regular Member
Dec 4, 2008
Big D
Earlier today, DFW Gun on Mockingbird burned to the ground. Apparently, some braintrust fired a tracer round into the foam backstop. Probably an unnamed member of a 1980's hair band. Seems everyone got out OK. Here is hoping all of the employees find gainful, enjoyable employment soon.

This leaves me on the hunt for a new range that will let do holster work and rapid, aimed shooting. (It was a perk that came only after they figured out that I was not going to break things nor shoot the roof or other shooters.)


Regular Member
Aug 18, 2013
Earlier today, DFW Gun on Mockingbird
Looks like they are close to re-opening - building walls are up and looks like roof is finished. Hopefully they installed a new a/c unit - had to dress down before I went there to practice.

Update on reopen date - s/b mid-November - City of Dallas wouldn't give them a permit use a crane to hoist some iron for extra a/c unit supports so that pushed their open back a few weeks.
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