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Am I the only one aggrivated with the CCDW Badges?


Regular Member
Aug 4, 2011
If you have drawn your firearm on someone that has done something to justify the use or potential use of deadly force then electing to handcuff that person wouldn't be a good idea. Handcuffing a aggressor, suspect, assailant, or whatever you want to call them is an extremely dangerous situation, one that an untrained civilian should never attempt, especially if they were to be by themselves. For the most part if a police officer has drawn a gun on someone they believe to be dangerous, they will wait until backup arrives before they attempt to place the suspect in restraints(unless there is no back up, the back up is some ridiculous length of time away, or the officer is a cowboy or just plain stupid. The best thing you can do is to keep a good distance away from you and the person you have drawn your weapon on.


Regular Member
Aug 26, 2009
, Kentucky, USA
I think carrying cuffs is a bad idea.

Do you have any training on using them while holding someone down? Do you have training in fighting incase the person you're trying to cuff decides to not just lie there? Do you have training in retaining your sidearm while in hand to hand combat with someone who has decided that you're not cuffing them?

Me, if I have to draw my gun on someone, I think I'll just use my gun to hold them in place.

Yes, I do.