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2019 Legislative Session---It's Dead, Jim (Chuckie)!


Regular Member
Feb 4, 2016
Just a couple of recent comments, excuses, and low-expectation setting from little Chuckie Cotton, a self-important, blowhard, long-time NRA board member, as to why virtually nothing will be accomplished during the upcoming 2019 Texas Legislative session with regard to already introduced pro-2A legislation, a session that doesn't even even begin until January 2019:

"2019 will be a very unproductive year compared to what we normally accomplish. With a new Speaker coming in, everything will be delayed for weeks." Way to reach for the sky, Chuckie!

"We passed pro-gun bills in 2017 and we killed all anti-gun bills. Those that passed included a reduction of the LTC fee from $140 to $40 and that's a huge improvement." Awesome! With more states than not now having some form of Constitutional/unlicensed carry, that's really something on which to hang your hat!

Gosh, Chuckie, the optimism is palpable. Perhaps we should just toss it in this session, before it even begins...


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Think kevin what your distractor will say about you during your tenure in office, tho the snide commentary might/could be taken wrong in this,PC environment!