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Recent content by kylemoul

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    656 and City parks

    From what I read, we can OC in city parks in MO as long as we have a CCW (for ones that are not OC friendly already) as before, some cities restricted OC, one being St Charles City. Hell, 656 took away all cities rights to restrict anything and have to be in compliance with 571.101 - 070. How...
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    Posted in Missouri events

    Doing litter cleanup this Sunday at 12 noon on Ladue road, if it is not raining. A few joined last time, including Marc himself. Very unfortunate he will not be there. This is in St Louis for anyone wondering. Join if you want. If it raining I will reschedule. Can't have our babies getting wet...
  3. K

    OCers in action

    I can check with the city. I know a lot of streets in that area are private streets. There is a church parking lot we could ask permission from but don't know if we should pursue that due to 571.107 "restrictions". They may not be private but worth checking. If we want to choose a date we can...
  4. K


    i just bought me a house in Florrisant, and they restrict OC unless you have a weapons permit. i have out of state permits with no picture id. i know i will have to provide my weapons permit if confronted, and that should be all i need to do to satisfy the citys ordinance, but do they have the...
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  6. K

    OC on your land

    Excuse my ignorance, but does a city restricting OC apply to your private property? Example, Florrisant has a ordinance that one cannot posses a firearm when intoxicated. (talking oc, not CC preempted) Is that enforceable while sitting outside on your deck lets say? If not, can someone point...
  7. K


    Hello folks. Would like some input from you 1911 guys. When I usually carry my 1911, it is caried in "condition 2" which there is a round in the chamber, the hammer is not cocked. I think it is just a mental thing, but are there any issues with the cocked hammer being released and discharging a...
  8. K

    Fashion statement

    Ok, so I have a 1911 and wonder if anyone knows any pants that have a picket big enough to hold it. I usually wear a Serpa with it but just kind of curious.
  9. K

    Pistol Training

    A little off-topic, but anyone know someone who can offer some training/class for an basic/advanced pistol course? Looking to expand to beyond shooting at a range.
  10. K


    Anyone own a SKS? i went to the range today and had some weird issues with it.
  11. K

    vehicle carry

    i know there are posts here on this, but i just looked through 15 pages of topics and the *%#@ search tool searches the ENTIRE states... anyway i was looking for any state laws concerning open/conceal carry in your vehicle; a side note i am not looking for justification of defense :cool...
  12. K

    Nra stl

    Anyone going to the NRA convention downtown? I wouldnt. They have a message on NRA website "Note: The city of St. Louis prohibits the carrying of firearms at the America's Center Convention Complex." http://www.nraam.org/ I am assuming they are pointing at 571.107? It is not even criminal...
  13. K

    National/MO state parks

    Does anyone have statues/links pertaining to firearms for national and state parks? i know there are posts about them, but apparently i cannot work the search forum tool (it is smarter than me).