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Recent content by KBCraig

  1. KBCraig

    Man arrested for open carry in VA public park

    The occasion was a campaign stop by Libertarian VP nominee Spike Cohen. I will leave discussion of Virginia statutes to those who know them (I don't), but the young man did a good job of stating his objections. Yesterday at my campaign bus stop in Newport News, VA, a supporter of mine was...
  2. KBCraig

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    When my son and daughter-in-law were stationed at Fort Belvoir, I made them put your contact info in their phones, just in case. I'm sorry you're no longer in the game, but thank you for looking out for the next generation.
  3. KBCraig

    Trump to consider invoking Insurrection Act exception to Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

    Protesting and rioting and insurrection are all different things. Many BLM protestors are truly local minorities who've had a lifetime of negative experience with police. Many, possibly even most, of the "rioters" are privileged white college-aged kids from the 'burbs. And/or paid...
  4. KBCraig

    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    "Attorney John Pierce"... well, there's a familiar name.
  5. KBCraig

    Trump to consider invoking Insurrection Act exception to Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

    A protest is not insurrection. And in case you haven't noticed, Trump says a lot of things that he never actually follows through with.
  6. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    It didn't.
  7. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    The fact that it was a notorious speed trap doesn't matter. Yes, I knew it, but also yes: I was in a hurry. I said I was speeding. I didn't contest the tickets. It's still a speed trap.
  8. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    My LE status has never been attached to my license plates. Ever. And my status didn't come up when the NY trooper pulled up to ask if everything was okay, while we waited for a tow. I've been a state rep for less than two years. My legislative cover plates aren't in any national database; I'm...
  9. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    Your opinion is as useless as your reading comprehension. I haven't been pulled over in over 20 years.
  10. KBCraig

    Patience is not always a virtue.

    Both of the first cops on the scene ran away and hid (one outside the store). The clerk actually disarmed the robber. The blond cop who was shrieking unintelligibly didn't even know how to grip her pistol properly (she did the thumb wrap).
  11. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    The same way one gets through Illinois: unloaded and locked in a secure container. There is no permit for transporting, which is what FOPA protects. Carrying in NY, NJ, CT, MA, and RI is prohibited, obviously. Maryland and Delaware too, although they're Mid-Atlantic/South. Doesn't mean you...
  12. KBCraig

    Travel with weapons?

    New York, outside of the NYC area, is not as bad about FOPA as people think. That said, you should go above and beyond. Ammo and guns in separate containers, all locked. Heck, buy a third lockbox, and put the keys for the other containers inside that, if you want. it's not legally required...
  13. KBCraig

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    Three posts, then everything went off the rails. I think reading comprehension has pretty much died on this forum.
  14. KBCraig

    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    So, let them roar. It's meaningless, just like when they got the same "request" from Walmart and other major retail chains.
  15. KBCraig

    Why some people hate cops

    As a retired CO, and a Christian, and an opponent of police abuse, I agree.