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Recent content by bushwacker

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    Retired Federal Way LE suing Tacoma Dome for not allowing him in w/firearm

    Humm I wonder if the guy is going to be covered by the L.E.O.S.A. act .the only rights you have on private property is the freedom of movement..you don't like the rules your are free to leave. Just now seen the post about L.E.O.S.A. act ..it did protect those two. Drunk Seattle cops that shot...
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    how to fix walmart

    Well we should go in open Carry .get the standard hassle .not sign the form .but leave when asked and if l.o.e. wants to take us to jail for trespass for not signing form then file discrimination lawsuit against wal mart as concealed carriers are not booted and cops get to open carry . just...
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    Why didn't someone carrying in that Texas Wal-Mart interviene to stop that mass shooting?

    Why wasn't the victims carrying for themselves or why did nobody smash and grabb a shotgun and ammo from the sporting goods section in order to save The day
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    Walmart requesting no one open carry in stores

    Ok It seems like wall mart is into trapping open carriers.there is a YouTube vid on this and it just happened to a friend of mine in Ohio .seem like they let you open carry in. And while your shopping they call the cops .now when the cops enter the parking lot they then make contact with you...
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    military centers attacked in chattanooga Tn,

    As tragic as it is. The picture of windows and doors with bullet holes all around a no gun signs is a picture of a thousand words ...the shooting didn't happen in a gun free zone ,it happened to a gun free zone, kind of a new reality that shooters of gun free zones don't really have to be in...
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    sb 17 saves the day?

    what's the chances of sb17 saving the day for non permitted carry?
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    did we just lose one form of open carry for all in trade on open carry for few?

    now here is an even worse kick in the teeth to liberty I believe that hb910 says handgun not firearm , altho a black powder pre 1899 or replica of is not considered a firearm according to chapter 46 tx firearms law. it is still a handgun. at this time one can legally open carry those but with...
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    Felony to record

    I was trashing around on the internet and came across these videos to where at one point they said that it is now a class 1 felony to video police and you can get from 4 to 15 yrs if convicted. maryland is one, does anyone know what the other three are or if there has been more that has...
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    Missing part of the constitution

    Ok we have a constitution that has bill of rights ( of which is suppose to keep govt in check) and some most important parts is freedom of speach and right to arms. speach is important so we communicate incase we have to take up arms to defend the constitution. Now many of our rights have been...
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    open carry petition did what?

    ok now the petition for open carry in tx to be submitted on jan 30 2011 was a hot topic .now the date has passed and I don't see anything on what has become of it. can anyone fill me in