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Recent content by BobCav

  1. BobCav

    Farewell to a Dear Friend... Kevin Kilcoyne (zoom6zoom)

    Greetings all. It's been a very long time and my sincere apologies for this late announcement. Many of you old timers may remember Kevin Kilcoyne ( zoom6zoom), an avid Open Carrier and gun rights supporter. It’s with the deepest sadness I’m informing you all of Kevin’s passing this past...
  2. BobCav

    Lancaster County LTCF Application

    imported post OK, I'm game to play. I just moved to Lancaster and still have a valid VA CHP so I'm covered to conceal and carry in the car, but as you know I prefer OC anyway. My question is this. Isn't the proof of residency requirement redundant and extra-legal since I've already stated my...
  3. BobCav

    Fourth of July Events at Coeur D'Alene

    imported post I was looking for things to do this 4th andCoeur D'Alene has a nice day planned (http://www.coeurdalene.org/calendardetail.asp?event_id=2828&date=7/4/2008&view=month). But according to this coty ordinance apparently still on the books, CC or OC is unlawfully prohibited in...
  4. BobCav

    Easy way to find internet articles about Open Carry

    imported post Found this tonight while "googling" for Open Carry stories... Handy one page reference of the latest articles and feeds! http://chordata.info/news/open+carry#
  5. BobCav

    New Hampshire Murder Gives Advice to Open Carriers!

    imported post Just found this interesting tid-bit from a convicted murderer, still serving, and without any facts or data. His "professional" criminal opinion. Hell, if he was THAT professional a criminal, he wouldn't be in prison! At first glance, a laymanwould assume he'slearned his lesson...
  6. BobCav

    OC Friendly Gun Stores/Ranges

    imported post In our quest to encourageOCgun stores/ranges that currently disallow OC to open their doors to OC'ers, it would be a huge help if we couldprovide them with a list of other stores that are OC friendly, so they can perhaps contact one another in that regard and make an informed...
  7. BobCav

    Spokane Rifle Club is Anti-OC

    imported post I heard from Robin at Sharp Shooters that the Spokane Rifle Club also doesn't allow OC unless you're a LEO. From the looks of their posted safety rules, even CC isn't allowed! This is pathetic and ridiculous. "You can practice, but don't dare carry a weapon for self defense!"...
  8. BobCav

    Reno Earthquakes

    imported post Holy Crap!:shock: Folks, we've had 20, yes I said 20 earthquakes here in Reno in one hour! We're fine and nobody was hurt and just minor damage closer to the epicenter. Everybody else in Reno ok? All were centered just 4 milesWNW from our apt in Mogul, NV. On April 15th we had a...
  9. BobCav

    Prelude to Veteran Disarmament?

    imported post Andthe disarmament of Veterans - True Americanscontinues... I would watch this very, very carefully... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080418/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/troops_mental_health Nearly 1 in 5 troops has mental problems after war service By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press...
  10. BobCav

    You've got to let me know...

    imported post Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  11. BobCav

    Interesting Gun Poll

    imported post I found this very interesting "What Would You Do?" gun poll online. Check it out! (Some of the results are very interesting!) http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/183841 Also came across this interesting collection of online gun poll results: http://www.pollingreport.com/guns.htm...
  12. BobCav

    FREE Ruger Hammer Springs

    imported post Tired of that heavy hammer spring on the first pull DA on your Ruger semi-auto? I replaced my P345#22 stock springwith a #19 Wolff a while ago and it works great! What a difference! Never a problem, but some folks on RugerForums.com report a couple light strikes with hard primers...
  13. BobCav

    Big Reno Gun Show

    imported post Hey folks! Who'splanning on attending the Big Reno Show coming up March 28-30 at the Grand Sierra Resort? http://bigrenoshow.com/ Reading the show rules (http://www.bigrenoshow.com/showrulescontact.php) it seems that OC is good to go, as long as it's empty and zip-tied. Standard...
  14. BobCav

    Interesting Information about Kahr Arms....

    imported post Wow, who woulda thunk it?Interesting what a little surfing will find... http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/daily/march99/moon10.htm "With parts of its sprawling business empire in decline, the Unification Church headed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is finding profits...
  15. BobCav

    Forum Spammers

    imported post Hey folks. We had another spammer postingads on the forum today and thanks to some of you being on the ball,I was able to delete the threads. If and when we do get a spammer, notify John, Mike, Longwatch and Me and whichever gets on here first will delete the thread. PLEASEdon't...