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Wyoming Open Carry adventure - and other entertaining stories


Regular Member
May 19, 2008
Maryland - Wyoming

Attached is a PDF file describing a recent western trip, with lots of open carry and other firearm related information. It also has some other personal and entertaining stories.

To enlarge on the Wyoming Open Carry parts, let me add the following;

We did not encounter any negative comments or incidents, though we did not press Open Carry too hard. There were many instances where others noticed and occasionally commented. There were as many where others surely noticed, but I did not detect them looking and no comment was made. I purposefully did not carry in some social instances where I thought it inappropriate - I moderated my educational effort.

I carried the "Walk In The Park" brochures I had prepared for last year and handed out about two dozen.

When others in the party went into park buildings where carry was prohibited I just loitered outside - some conversations ensued with no problems.

I mentioned using a paddle holster. It worked quite well because when driving I could just rotate the holster up and off the belt and prop it up in the console well in the Jeep or clip the paddle over a cup holder in the console of the Toyota 4runner. Both worked quite well keeping the firearm in the open. In other cases, where open carry was not allowed it was unloaded, cased and placed out of reach.

The paddle holster was a fobis T1911 rear draw cut-away design with thumb break retention that could accommodate an attached light. Some times the light was attached, sometimes not.

I used a 3 well fabric magazine holder on the weak side and carried one 8 round Chip McCormak Power Mag, a folding knife and a cell phone in it.

One day we took some friends, a mother and daughter duo, to the range for a little practice. They are coming along nicely.

If anyone has questions or comments, just send an e-mail <bobcul@locul.com>



  • WYOMING - 2011 Western travel and Open Carry report.pdf
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Regular Member
Jan 11, 2009
Newcastle, Wyoming, USA
Wyoming Open carry and other adventures

Bob, great job on being an ambassador for freedom!!! Looking forward to you moving here to the Cowboy State. We don't like a lot of people living here, but we sure enjoy folks like you moving in.