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Wyoming: Gun Free Zones Act Repeal Legislation Passes House Committee, Sent to House

OC Freedom

Regular Member
Feb 20, 2014
ADA County, ID
Good news for Wyoming, if it becomes law.

This afternoon, the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly passed House Bill 114, a bill eliminating “gun free zones” in Wyoming, by an 8 to 1 vote. HB 114 will now be sent to the House floor for its full consideration and vote.

HB 114, introduced by Representative Allen Jaggi (R-19), seeks to restore trained, law-abiding concealed carry permit holders’ constitutional right to possess a firearm for self-defense on nearly all state-owned property. This legislation will explicitly recognize the right of an individual who possesses a valid concealed carry permit issued by the state of Wyoming to lawfully carry a concealed weapon in the following locations: (1) any meeting of a governmental entity; (2) any public K-12 school; and (3) on the campus of any public college or university.

The NRA believes that absolute prohibitions of lawfully possessed concealed weapons on public property represent a broad infringement of an individual’s constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms and fundamental right to self-defense. Numerous tragedies have unequivocally shown that “gun free zones” create an environment that disarms law-abiding citizens, but has no significant deterrence on criminals who simply ignore the law.

Please begin contacting your state Representative in support of HB 114. Urge him or her to vote to repeal Wyoming’s “Gun Free Zones” Act and restore your inherent right to self-defense, regardless of your location.