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Way to go York Arms


Regular Member
Mar 29, 2011
N.W. Pa.
Them and Olympic. Will more join?


Here's a few more, but we need to get some of the larger ones on board. We need to let them all know, they need to make a choice. We can all support those that support us, AND we can quit doing business with them if they don't. Make your phone calls, send your Emails, attend the rallies, etc. We need to be proactive NOW! The battle is already happening. A few weeks ago, when there was a march on the state capitals, I got to work, expecting the guys to be all buzzing about it and planning bus charters. I was disappointed to find that almost all of them hadn't heard a word about it. (these were all gun owners) Okay, the word hadn't gotten out good enough, and to be fair, there were a lot of gun shows that day, that got great support. So our numbers were just spread out thinner. What bothered me the most, when discussing the attacks on the 2A, was the view of a lot of these gun owners and "2A supporters" I'd say that about 40-45 % of them made comments like " Oh, that will never happen." Or " They can't do that". Look around folks, it IS happening and they ARE doing it. We can't afford to let 40-45% of our ranks stand around with blinders on. Even a lot of the ones that agree with the fact that the 2A is under attack, do NOTHING, they don't send out Emails, attend rallies, write their congressmen, NOTHING! ALL gun owners need to do their part. Don't just talk about it, Do it! Have a nice day!

P.S. My reply to you sharkey, was the link. My rant was to all concerned. Just wanted to be clear. LOL
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