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Urgent Alert!!! Preemption Legislation HB-60


Regular Member
Nov 11, 2007
ACTIVIST Cheyenne, Wyoming
As early as today HB-60 will be introduced in the house by Representative Kendell Kroeker (R-Casper) -- It will require a 2/3rds vote to advance to committee.

Please email your House Representative ASAP and ask them to support this legislation that will put a end to local governments placing restrictions on your right to carry.

Wyoming has enjoyed a preemption since 1995, but unfortunately the "local" municipal politicians seem to believe that they hold more than the keys to the city.

Simply put, many city politicians believe they are above the law and ignore the state the preemption.

These brazen gun-grabbers’ have launched their own “Gun Free Zone” blitz -- a full bore movement to increase gun free zones or better named "Criminal Safe Zones".

Their scheme is simple -- leave our new Constitutional Carry Law on the books but render it virtually MEANINGLESS by using local government to pass new gun “regulations.”

*** The city of Gillette, anti-gun Mayor Tom Murphy announced a push for a new local ordinance turning virtually every city-owned property into a “Gun Free Zone” -- or better-named “Criminal Safety Zone.”

*** Following anti-gun Murphy's lead, Casper Mayor Kenyne Schlager led another gauntlet -- passing a ban at city hall and at all government gatherings inside city limits, even when meetings are conducted off city property.

This is just the beginning of more gun control measures by local government!

In fact, this is just how they have chipped away at the Second Amendment in cities on both coasts--by enacting incremental gun control inside of municipal boundaries.

And if these regulations are allowed to advance around the Wyoming, I'm afraid the anti-gun politicians will slowly gut the “constitutional carry" legislation you and I worked so hard to pass just last year.

The goal of HB-60 is to strengthen Wyoming laws FORBIDDING local governments from putting up any Criminal Safety Zones. And if they dare they will have penalties to pay!

So please email your State House Representative right now and ask them to support HB-60--stopping local municipalities--from restricting your right to self defense.

Original email here - http://paracom.paramountcommunicati...cc69096c1fa57f34abf535c3d9fea5d0&ei=sSkhs18NX


Regular Member
Jan 15, 2011
This bill failed introduction. This is a budget session that requires a 2/3 vote to introduce non-budget bills. The bill got a majority but not a 2/3 vote for introduction. Therefore it is dead for this session.