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Tim Greimel, State Rep from District 29 DOES NOT support Constitutional Rights!


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Jan 14, 2009
Northwest Kent County, Michigan
My message to Tim Greimel in response to his failure to support Constitutional Carry in Michigan (see his letter below)

Hi Tim,

Thanks for proving that you don't understand Article I, Section 6 of our state Constitution, which expressly enumerates the right of 'every person' to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves . . . and the state.

Rights are not dependent on what some politician, such as yourself, thinks ought to be prior conditions. You must think that bearing arms is nothing more than a privilege, thus subject to licensing.

In case you have missed the changing mood of the country, and in particular this state, Constitutional Carry has been gaining considerable momentum as evidenced by passing the Michigan house by a comfortable margin.

I have a lot of law-abiding voting acquaintances with which to share the fact that you don't quite 'support' the unconditional return of rights that have been stolen from us by legislators.

I strongly urge you to take a long moment and consider your oath, if you took one seriously, to our state Constitution.



On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 2:23 PM, Rep. Tim Greimel (District 29) <Dist029@house.mi.gov> wrote:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for expressing your concern regarding House Bills 4416-4419, a group of bills that would allow Michigan residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit. The bills passed the House on June 7, 2017 in a 59-49 vote. I always appreciate hearing from interested constituents of the 29th House District and other fellow Michiganders. Your willingness to share your perspective helps me do a better job serving Michigan as your state representative.

I voted against these bills because they would eliminate the requirement that people take firearm safety and training courses prior to their carry of a concealed weapon. While I strongly support every American's Second Amendment right to bear arms, it is important for that right to be exercised in a way that keeps others safe. Firearms training would not hinder responsible gun owners from exercising their constitutional rights, but rather would ensure that all gun owners understand how to correctly operate their firearms before carrying them in public. Safety courses and training are particularly important in the context of concealed carry because the primary purpose of carrying concealed firearms is to defend oneself in public spaces. As a result, discharging the firearm unjustifiably or unsafely carries a high risk of harm to innocent third parties.

Thank you again for sharing your input. Feel free to contact me in the future.


Tim Greimel
State Representative
District 29

Feel free to politely contact Tim at Dist029@house.mi.gov
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May 21, 2006
Politicians perhaps should be required to have adequate training before being allowed to engage in the discourse on laws and safety. :D