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SOB OC OMG triggering snowflakes


Active member
Nov 21, 2018
His guns, his right his business. IMO the insecurity issues are displayed in the folks afraid to OC at all for fear of what people will think.
Thank you. Well said, “His guns, his right, his business.”

I OC’d at my first AmLegion meeting as Commander. Discretely, OC SOB H&K .40 USPc and I believe that no one noticed, and not the Auxilliary ladies meeting in the next room.

Yesterday, at Graduation, I did not carry in the gymnasium where graduation was held. We graduated three. I awarded a gift of $500 to a graduate that received about $75K. I was relieved that my one sentence address was proportional.

And back to Faux U. School with you Millennial snowflakes. Gee Zeus. What a bunch of ani.