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Shot Placement Class 14 July 12 New Review

9 Micky Mouse

Regular Member
Mar 19, 2011
I will be having another Shot Placement Class on Saturday 14 July 12

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 I took a Shot Placement class from Robert Wilson (GA Protective Measures). The course was conducted at South River Gun Club, starting about 08:30 and ending about 15:30.

I am NRA certified to teach basic pistol and personal protection courses and have been teaching small arms (mostly military) off and on since the early 70s. Having said that I know that I do not know all the answers and I know that the techniques I teach are not the only techniques that work. I registered for Robert's class with the goal of learning something new. I was not disappointed.

Robert teaches sound shooting techniques along with a smattering of why his students should include those techniques in their toolbox. I know from personal experience that people are more likely to do something a certain way if they understand why it is important to do it like that. In addition to shooting techniques, Robert includes discussions focused on how to look at potential assailants, what to watch for and how to improve your chances of prevailing in a life threatening situation. He also shares experiences of those who have taken his courses and who have had to use a handgun in self-defense.

There is a synergy at work in Robert's classes. I saw that on Saturday. You can expect that if you take a course from Robert that you will be in the company of other students, some of whom have taken other courses beyond basic pistol instruction and you will learn from those students as well. Breaks in these classes are not typical breaks. They are opportunities for all present to share experiences and kick around questions that come up while the live fire exercises are being conducted.

This class was well worth the cost and time. I accomplished my goal. I did learn some shooting and teaching techniques that I can use to improve the courses that I teach and at the same time made me a better shooter as well. I will definitely take more classes from Robert.