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Place to get an OC gun fixed


Regular Member
Jul 2, 2010
Richmond, VA
I always liked Skidmark's Taursus 455 tracker. So I bought a used one off of Gun Broker that had some missing parts and needed fixing since I could not find a new one anywhere. I would like to open it carry in honor of Skidmark. I first need to get it fixed.

Can anyone suggest a Richmond local gun shop that would be able to get parts for it and repair it for me?


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
allow me to put this into perspective...IF
the telephone number i cited says there are no parts for your treasure, how will a gunsmith find the missing/broken parts.

you wish it fixed properly, the manufacturer's gunsmiths prob have a better grasp of the idiosyncrasies than some bloke in your area who's never seen it before.

just saying mind you

BTW visited taurus forum for assistance...https://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/forum.php
[especially since a couple of postings where folks have sent their trackers to the manufacturer for repair ]

finally...which one of the two of skidmark's stainless 455s were you enamored with...

enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend...