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OC in the new cabelas last night


Regular Member
Nov 4, 2007
NW Indiana, Indiana, USA
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My wife deceided to open carry last night into the new Cabelas. I kept concealed and in we went with our 3 little ones (10, 3 and 1).

We walked in past the 3 (or 4) Hammond cops at the door and almost made it into the store before a greeter sort of freaked out. We'll call her Cabela Lady CL for short.

Mouth gasping for air like a fish she said "Ma'am! ma'am! you can't... you can't bring that in here like that."

My wife responded "bring what?"

CL- "That, that firearm... you can't, you have to leave with that"

To which I replied "Sure we can the sign on the door states the firearms policy doesn't apply to carry permit holders" (which it does) and pointed to the door.

CL- "Well... do you.. do you have one of those?"

My wife showed CL her license (which I still think looks fake, lol) and CL took it and walked off to the door to investigate the sign, asking my wife to "stay her for a minute please". Looked at the sign breifly talked to a front end asst. manager of some sort and then walked over to the Hammond cops.

First one just pointed to his left and she moved down one, second one shruged his shoulders and nodded her down and teh third looked at the permit and then at her and they talked for a few minutes, the cop made a call on a cell phone for a few seconds and then she walked back over.

CL- 'I'm sorry ma'am I didn't.. well we've never had THAT happen before here... I guess, well the Hammond officer said he didn't about cabelas store policy... welll... have a nice time shopping and I'm sorry about the confusion'

With that we continued our shopping visiting the gun room library and looking over the store. No one made a comment until about 15 minutes after that when a female manager of some sort found us and started talking to us...

I don't recall the conversation word for word, but she was very polite and was informing us that loss prevention said the firearm had to be concealed...
*Note my wife was carrying in a dropleg holster with a flap, so technically one could argue you couldn't SEE the actual pistol, just the holster. ... but now that she sees it it is sort of concealed and she seems confused.

I went on to tell her that Cabelas corporate policy was based on state law and that here in Indiana both open and conceled carry are legal with a license. This seemed to slightly change her already polite mood even more polite and she left it that because you couldn't see it to enjoy the rest of our time shopping. I told her she should contact corporate on Monday so as to have a better understanding of corporate policy regarding carry in their stores. Don't know if she will or not.

My wife and I plan on going back Monday or Tuesday and taking this letter (we found here on opencarry in the Idaho forum) with us to the gneral manager:

Thank you for the recent email. I am very sorry for the confusion that took place at our retail location.
Our corporate office has taken action in regards to the below mentioned issue and here is what has been decided.
We have made the decision to comply with state laws in regards to open carry. We do not ask customers to check concealed or open carry weapons where the state has laws governing this situation. Our signs refer to firearms that are being returned or sold to [highlight= rgb(255, 255, 136);]Cabela[/highlight]'s.

If you are still having problems please feel free to let us know

Thanks again

Lead Associate
[highlight= rgb(255, 255, 136);]Cabela[/highlight]'s Retail Information

I think I'll be doing more open carry in Cabelas once the GM is officaly on board with corporate. :cool: