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observations on preparedness


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Mar 23, 2007
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At about 1AM on February 6th, I left my house with my gf to go to a nearby gas station to get smokes and sodas. An uneventful trip ordinarily. We made it to the gas station and within a block of the house on the return trip, when we were approached by two young guys walking toward us on the sidewalk. There was nothing obviously "wrong" with the situation, and I kept on talking to her as she got behind me to make room for the guys to pass. With my head turned so as to be able to talk to her, one of the guys slugged me full-force without warning as we were right by them. This knocked me down and dazed me. Further, I had landed on the pavement in such a way that my left elbow was broken. Further, I was carrying my gun at the 6 o'clock position in my waistband and I ended up lying on top of it. Not ideal.

I tried to right myself enough to grab the gun or get up, but I couldn't do that in a timely manner with my arm broken. The guy then approached me in the street, as if to kick me while I was down. He demanded "all [my] money" as well, which I certainly did not give him. My gf screamed rather urgently and loudly that I should "shoot the ************", which I would have already done gladly but for this temporary juxtaposition of events. The guy apparently guessed what was in store and he and his friend disengaged without further incident. I made it home, called the police, made a report, and got a ride to the hospital. They put a cast on my arm which I wore for about a month - fortunately it was about as benign as fractures get. Neither my gf nor the other guy were directly involved, fortunately. Also, my gf is not a "gun person" despite encouragement from me, so it was not possible for her to have done any more than she did under the circumstances. She has since gotten a .22 pistol because of it. Baby steps.

Anyway, I am not in any way soliciting comments or interested in what people who were not present imagine should or shouldn't have happened differently. This is just for informational purposes to encourage people to be diligent in their own situational awareness, and to encourage you to at least consider contingencies when things don't go according to script. Having a gun and a carry license is not sufficient - you still have to know how and when to shoot, and to consider the possibility that it simply may not be of much help even then.

I would prefer not to have to walk around my own neighborhood with my hand on my gun every time I see another person on the street, but all places are safe until they aren't, and I will not submit to living in fearful isolation in my own neighborhood. I have warned others in the area to be careful, I have sold guns to several neighbors (I work in a gun shop - ironic, eh?), and the police are aware of the situation in general terms, although he remains at large, as far as I know. Fine with me. Fool me once...

Anyway, that's what happened, for what it's worth. I deliberately did not specify the location, the point being that this can happen any time, anywhere. I was not in "crack alley" doing things I shouldn't have been doing, nobody was drunk that I know of, etc. - I was almost literally in my own back yard. Avoiding compromising situations is always advisable, but do not become complacent with the familiarity of your surroundings, or you may inadvertently put your loved ones at risk.


color of law

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Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
My gf screamed rather urgently and loudly that I should "shoot the ************", which I would have already done gladly but for this temporary juxtaposition of events.
Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Live and learn.
But, the gf would be told to never ever scream that again. Due to your condition the bg could have easily taken your gun.


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Nov 23, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
Late reply, but acknowledge the existance of people that are approaching you. even a simple eye contact would 1) make them aware you're paying attention and 2) see if he was going to avoid your look or over aggressivley persue it. You can also always step to the side and obligingly let them by as you talk to your GF, giving you pause, watch out of the corner of your eye, and on the side of the sidewalk you're already a step back so you can drop or lean in to take the hit.

I guess my point is, don't avoid eye contact. too many people do and it's too valuable of a resource to pass up.