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Louisville's Willow Park Doesn't Like Guns

gutshot II

Regular Member
Jul 1, 2017
Central Ky.
Willow Park is a tiny Louisville Metro Park at the intersection of Willow Ave. and Cherokee Rd. and near the westernmost entrance to Cherokee Park. Each Sunday during the Summer, the Cherokee Triangle Association offers free concerts from the gazebo in the park. from 7pm to 9pm. This concert is free and there are food trucks and ice cream truck. What they don't have is firearms. The Cherokee Triangle Association has banned firearms from "their" park. They provide security by hiring a Jefferson County Sheriff's deputy to keep the peace and enforce their rules. Here is what this peaceful gathering looks like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fu31iv7pr8o7auy/20220710_192036.jpg?dl=0
and here:

I got wind of this from a friend several weeks ago but had been unable to visit the Park until today. All around the park are signs like this:


I stopped by to hear the music today. I was open carrying a 5" stainless 1911. I walked all around the park and got no comments but did see a few looks and whispers. I sat down on a park bench next to a strange lady. We chatted for about half an hour but she said nothing about my gun. I walked a little more and saw the deputy sheriff on duty and walked past him. Nothing was said. I walked over to another bench with a woman on it and sat down again. In a few minutes the deputy approached me and said, "You know they don't allow guns here", and pointed out the sign. I told him I didn't care and the sign meant nothing to me. He persisted and said that they didn't want guns in the park and I told him that I don't care what they want, "my gun goes where I go". He was an older man and I told him that I was sure that he knew as well as me that they had no authority to ban guns. He finally said, "well just pull your shirt out and cover it up". I said "no" and added "even Metro Council can't ban guns in a Metro park. We both know that these jackasses can't". He said he was just asking as a favor to pull my shirt down. I told him my shirt was just fine like it was. He finally walked away. The lady that was beside me all this time hadn't moved but after the deputy left she got up and left also. I made a couple of more tours around the park, but didn't get any action out of anybody.

If you ever want to hear a little free music on a Sunday evening and also really irritate some anti-gun music lovers, I suggest that you stop by Willow Park, openly carrying, obviously. I'd like to arrange for about 10 open carriers to show up with me. Anybody willing?
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