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Looking For a Custom Holster (Not a WTB Thread)


Regular Member
Jul 13, 2014
Jefferson County, CO
I'm looking for some options on custom holster makers. The reason I'm looking is that I have a very specific need/desire, that I'm not finding anywhere that's made on a large scale.
Features I'm looking for:

  • Stiff Leather Make (Natural Brown or Black)
  • One Pouch Holds a 9mm 15-rd PPQ M2 Magazine
  • One Pouch Holds a Leatherman Multi-tool
  • Leatherman Side Should Have a Button-down Flap for Retention (or similar)
  • Magazine Side Can Be Buttoned Flap, But Will Entertain Options For a Faster Draw - Spring Style Retention Like In Kydex Holsters is Ideal, But I Don't See It Working in Leather
  • Accomodates a thicker 1.5-inch Belt (Clips are Preferred Over Loops, So I Don't Have to Unthread My Belt Just To Put It On)
  • Bonus points for Figuring Out How to Pack in a Tac-Light Without Making it Bulky
  • Should Be Comfortable for Concealed Carry (Will Be Used for IDPA Shoots, as Well As Daily Carry), but "Fashionable" Enough For Open Carry in Casual and Dress Casual

Does anybody have any recommendations on who can make this item? It may be several weeks before I can afford it (waiting for a particular check to come in), depending on cost.


Regular Member
Mar 20, 2012
Have you tried a Google/Bing/(search engine of your choice) search? A quick search will pull up several makers. See if one is near you.


Regular Member
Aug 9, 2014
New Castle, Va
If you Google leather holsters you can select "images" link at the top and see lots of pics. If you mouse over the pics you may get the mfg name. All you can do is search specifically for what you want. Your request is pretty custom and may require "Quote from Description and Order specific".


Most leather mfgs will also mfg belt mounted magazine holsters.

Good luck on a "Concealed Carry" and fashionable "Open Carry" combination.

Here is a list of most mfg. You can search this list for "Leather" and/or "Custom" and likely find a good mfg for your needs.
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