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JPFO founder Aaron Zelman, RIP


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Nov 8, 2006
Newcastle, Wyoming, USA
Aaron Zelman, RIP
December 29th, 2010 by Claire Wolfe

OMG. I just learned that Aaron Zelman, founder, guiding spirit, and chief cook and bottle washer of JPFO, has died. More than a week ago.

I woke up this morning to a reader’s letter, passed along by BHM’s webmaster, Oliver. I could hardly believe it. Then I found that mini-obituary that sadly says so little of the man.

Aaron and I worked together for seven years. I admired him and even though he could be crazy-making at times, he had one of the most creative minds I’ve ever encountered and he was unfailingly a gentleman and a gentle-spoken man. He created a unique niche in the gun-rights movement and I hope JPFO can continue without him.

Aaron was born with Marfan Syndrome, which can cause a host of related problems, some potentially fatal. I don’t know what he died from, but between that and his Type-A, hard-driving nature, it’s not surprising, though it’s shocking and tragic, that he died so young. Rather, I tell myself it shouldn’t be surprising. Yet Aaron was such a powerful personality, it’s hard to think of him being extinguished.



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Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
JPFO is one of the ONLY pro-2A organizations that "gets it" with regards to PR and using the media to mold public opinion and sentiment.

They sometimes use "out there" tactics, and their messages are sometimes brash and in-your-face, but they seem to actually embrace a 21st century PR model, and actually understand how the media works.

The exposure of duplicity, fraud, and deception used by the "anti's" in the aggressive and unapologetic manner employed by JPFO should be the benchmark by which ALL 2A organizations measure their own PR models. The fact that some of their press released have been banned on certain "pro 2A" forums in certain states is a testament to the fact that they are effective, truthful, and genuinely interested in exposing the lies of the "antis".

I consider it a badge of honor to have been banned for life from one of the forums that prohibited display (and even discussion) of one of their PR campaigns--for much the same reason--criticizing the duplicity and elitism of the "ruling class" in a certain "may issue" state.

If the NRA, GOA and SAF had half the PR chops that JPFO has, and 1/4 of the spine, the "war for the minds" of the American public would have been won by our side decades ago, and groups like the Brady Campaign would now just be a national embarrassment like historical groups such as The American Eugenics Society of the 1920s...

May flights of angels sing him to his rest.
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