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Johnson Registration?

johnny amish

Regular Member
Mar 9, 2010
High altitude of Vernon County, ,
Well Johnson is a member of the republican party and they say they support a permit free carry. Johnson did make a statement early in his campaine about supporting carry with permits but has since stated that he misspoke and supports carry without permits. Also the NRA has endorsed him, I'm not sure if that tells us much anymore. As far as registration I have not heard him talk about it.


Regular Member
Apr 2, 2010
Darby Montana
Hmmm, I'm wondering who is going to do the measurements for OC'ing your Johnson...after all, there will HAVE to be a description for identification purposes! :p
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Dec 13, 2009
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Now boob registration is definitely something i think we can all agree on. Oh, I suppose some of you support Uninfriged Carry, but IMO training bras should be mandatory!

I officially appoint myself as OCDO's Boob registrar... will all the ladies please step forward.


Kind is banging is whole campaign on the 2nd and the NRA endorsement which tells me it is a game changer and everyone that can will hitch their wagon to it. Watch the wording to see if there are any key words like 'common sense restrictions' or any other easily swayed one way or the other words.

Can't say I know either of these guys enough to call the play.

Just for the 'boobs', silicone implants already are registered and most guys don't know that condoms have serial numbers on them because you only see them when you roll them out far enough.