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Issues noted at our state courthouse ... 1st amend and open records issues


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Seen recently many people complaining that :

1) cannot hand out political literature at courthouses
- some even anywhere on the grounds
- some only outside (but on grounds)
- some allow outside and inside but only of they OK the political lit attempting to be handed out (content bias)

2) cannot video record search checkpoints or photograph/vid police activity inside courthouses

3) cannot gain access to public records at courthouses per as the rules and law allow

Anyone have had an issues lately?

Recently I went to hand scan a court docket print-out (I'm sure we have all seen court dockets posted the that day's cases] but was told I'd be arrested for scanning court records [court records may be claimed as an exemption to our open records law but once you post them in a public place you are basically letting everyone view them and declare that the records are not being claimed as being subject to any exemption].

[not talking about inside courtrooms but common areas of courthouse ~ even though videotaping inside courtrooms is OK for media and those who ask and get approved]
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