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IN Driver Guilty In Road Rage Shooting/Killing


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Feb 20, 2007
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Well, once again, ole HankT's Postulate of Civilian Self-Defense:

It is a bad strategy to shoot an unarmed person.[suP]©[/suP]

isconclusively affirmed, even with a 20 minute delay involved.

November 21, 2007

Driver guilty in road rage killing

By Jon Murray

A Marion Superior Court jury found an Indianapolis man guilty of murder today for killing another driver after a road rage incident.


Willie E. Clark's attorneys had said he was acting in self-defense that day in March when he shot Pierre C. Brown, 23, outside a pawn shop on Indianapolis' Northside. The two had argued after their cars nearly collided on East 38th Street, and Clark drove home to retrieve a gun before returning about 20 minutes later.
Prosecutors dismissed the claim Clark had acted in the heat of the moment, citing that time gap. After the verdict was read, Brown's mother, Robin Riggs, said she was glad the jury went for the stronger charge instead of voluntary manslaughter. They deliberated about two hours.

"I'm very pleased that they were able to come to the determination that it was murder, and it wasn't something that my son had aggravated," Riggs said.

Earlier, defense attorney Marie Kern told jurors that Clark, 25, felt that Brown had threatened his life and that of his pregnant girlfriend. She asked the jurors to put themselves in her client's shoes, even though Clark left to get the gun.

"You would not have chosen to do that," she said. "But you're not Willie Clark. ... He believed he had to protect his family."

Clark told police that Brown had talked of shooting and made gestures with his hands. But no weapon was found on Brown, prosecutors said.

"We're talking about sudden heat, not 30-minute heat," said deputy prosecutor T.K. Morris, urging a murder conviction. "There's no sudden heat here."

Clark's sentencing is scheduled Nov. 30 in front of Judge Mark Stoner. He faces up to 65 years in prison on the murder charge; a felony handgun charge could add up to eight more.



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May 25, 2007
, , USA
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If the report is accurate, the guy deserves to rot in prison, or better yet, the death penalty.


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Apr 18, 2007
, Indiana, USA
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This guy shoulda went home, stayed there and cooled off. Anyone could tell this man was guilty of murder.


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Dec 8, 2007
Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
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Ive had one serious incident involving road rage.
I had just gotten off I-70 and a silver Caddilac was close enough behind me that i could not see his hood. (all this where the exit ramp meets SR-46) There were a few cars behind him and a semi to my left. I was turning right but there is no light at that intersection and i saw a pickup coming. With the semi blocking the driver behind me's view, he couldnt see it and assumed that i was just sitting there to anger him. In reality, i just didnt want to get broadsided by a truck. So after traffic is clear i accelerated, maybe a bit heavily and spun a tire. The other driver then proceded to almost hit me as he passed. As luck would have it, i caught the next red light. I hung back knowing that he would be angry and he almost locked up his tires trying to keep by me. While waiting for the light i never looked but heard him sreaming at me and when the light changed i looked at the front of his car to see him almost rearend the car in front of him.

But thats not the good part...

My best bud and i both use my truck at lunch. My buddy is 270 lbs and a big guy, mostly muscle, not a guy id mess with. Well, the caddy guy comes back to harrass "me". My buddy was in the truck, not me. So while hes sitting in my truck in the parking lot, he told me the conversation went something like this:
Caddy guy: Is this your truck?
My buddy:no
CG: Does he work here?
Bud: i cant tell you that.
CG: proceed to threaten my bud
Bud: *gets out of the truck and is standing a good 8 inches taller than CG*
CG: looks scared and leaves

Now i shudder when i think of what might have happened if i had been in the truck, im a small guy (140lbs and 5'6"). Im thankful that the situation didnt get any worse of involve serious threats.