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Homeless man found with weapons cache


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Aug 15, 2010
Did not see a thread on this yet.


I wonder what he is charged with.


More info here:

"During the stop, officers saw a shotgun in plain view in the driver's side door, and found a loaded 9mm handgun under the driver's seat, according to Suhr."

"Johns has pleaded not guilty to eight felony and misdemeanor weapon and drug charges and will return to court on Aug. 7 for his preliminary hearing, district attorney's office spokesman Alex Bastian said."
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Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Clearly I need to re-evaluate my definition of the term "huge cache"....

Well, if you want to understand news stories, then yes. :D It means anything and any amount of instruments that are capable of sending out a projectile. Like straws for spitballs, etc.


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Jan 5, 2012
Weber County Utah
His First Mistake...

Bubba Johns apparently wasn't "at the top of his game". His first mistake was in acquiescing to the officer's request to search his vehicle. What was their PS/PC for requesting a warrant-less search? Smoking in a non-designated area? That doesn't sound at all reasonable. Harassing others in the area? I suppose that could do it, depending on how the "harassment" was conducted, but that was the justification for detaining him. They did it just because the knew they could get way with it. Homeless people still have Constitutional rights, and his car was his abode/domicile/home. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that "all citizens must reside in a builder-constructed home". With the exception of the undisclosed amount of weed, he didn't have anything that might not be found in many of our homes. The simple possession of a "Methamphetamine Cookbook" is protected under 1A - especially since the report did not say that they found any of the equipment or chemicals necessary to produce meth.
Johns made "strange comments" to the officers, and gave them permission to search his car, where they found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun and a .22-caliber rifle, Suhr said.
Those "strange comments" will getcha every time! How "strange" were they? What was the context of these comments? Did he make the comments in Klingon, Aramaic, Esperanto or English? He also "had a list of politician's names"... and that's a crime?

Consenting to a warrantless search of anything by the police is certainly the individual's call - but if you know you are in possession of "contraband items", and still consent to such a search, you deserve to be locked up for being abnormally stupid in public. Personally, I would never recommend that anyone consent to a warrantless search of anything over which they had control... not even a friggin' backpack! Not even if you knew - beyond any doubt - that you had nothing the police would find of criminal interest. But, Kalifornia is the land of fruits (especially SFO) and nuts (the occupants of the entire land mass falling within the state borders).
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