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Hollywood shooting a few days ago


Anti-Saldana Freedom Fighter
Jun 3, 2008
I'm kind of surprised nobody posted the video of the guy in Hollywood that was standing in the middle of the street and shooting at people for a while. Figured it should be included in the collection of random shootings in California that could have easily been stopped had the state respected the Second Amendment. I wonder how many people were on their way to buy a Hamburger Portantino?

I'd love to see somebody attempt the same thing in a state where the ccw per capita rate is higher than nine hundredths of a percent. Or in a county where the issuance rate is half that of New York City (Hard to believe huh? 2.1k issued in NYC with a population of 8,175k. 1.3k issued in LA county with a population of 9,825k).


Founder's Club Member
Mar 23, 2010
Quarryville, PA
There are a couple of threads about this out there, just none in the CA forum. It's another sad event and in this case it was pretty lucky that there happened to be two cops in the immediate area. The damage could have been far worse. I just read that the victim who was shot has passed away, my thoughts are with his family. CA needs to wake up and see the light...


Regular Member
Jun 27, 2010
Colorado Springs. CO
Any intelligent and successful sheep herder will incorporate sheep-dogs into the herd, rather than sustain the loss of even one sheep to predatory animals. Having said that - look at who the Califonia sheep have elected to be their herders in Sacramento.

Californian's should be lobbying for passage of the federal CCW reciprocity bill -in the hope that some light bulbs will light up in Sacramento.