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Hobart pd story


Regular Member
Nov 4, 2007
NW Indiana, Indiana, USA
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HOBART | Candace Olig couldn't hold back the tears Monday as her lawyers played a videotape they say provides visual proof of her family's accusations of police abuse. Watch the surveillance video (Edited for brevity).

The 32-minute videotape, taken on the night of Aug. 30 in the Oligs' front yard, shows police arriving at the home in response to a call by the Oligs, who reported a disturbance in their neighborhood involving a speeding car. In moments, the scene turns violent.

Words are exchanged before a police officer enters the Oligs' front yard and then is seen throwing a punch that knocks Candace Olig to the ground. As a struggle ensues involving other officers and family members, the same officer is seen in the video pointing his gun at her.

Here is the video


EDIT: Fixed link -BC


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Apr 18, 2007
, Indiana, USA
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Well the cops definitely rolled on 'em, thats for sure. Regardless of what was said there is no reason for the police to beat them like that.

I don't think hobart PD can win this one...