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HB 70 Gains Introduction


Regular Member
Nov 11, 2007
ACTIVIST Cheyenne, Wyoming
HB-70 failed final vote

Dear Gun Rights Insider,

Congratulations YOU did it!!!

HB-70 was defeated 39-20 on final vote because of your activism.

Today was a great victory, but this battle is so telling of the environment we are working in at the Capital.

You see, some folks believe that once “Constitutional Carry” was passed into law that Wyoming would never have to face the anti-gun forces again.

This is the farthest thing from reality.

The uncomfortable truth is that when a favorable level of freedom is accomplished such as “permit-less carry”, the opposition “aka-the gun-grabbers” begin to worm their way out of their holes.

Their so called “court room security act” would have created new gun free zones in all county buildings making potential victims out of ordinary law abiding citizens like you and me.

I am certain HB-70 is a just an example of more to come from those who would like to hold your God-given right to self defense in their clutches.

Like two peas in a pod...

HB-70 bill sponsors Representative Jonathan Botton (R-Sheridan) -- also municipal judge -- and the co-sponsor Senator Drew Perkins (R-Natrona) -- a lawyer – both led the charge for this sneak attack on your right to bear arms.

Please take a moment to email both of these legislators and let them know that in the future you will be watching them like a Hawk.

Also, you can help in this ongoing battle by becoming a vested member of Wyoming Gun Owners -- the ONLY gun rights organization working at this level in the state legislature. Any amount you give will be used to expose the politicians that advance gun control.

Jonathan A. Botten (R-Sheridan) - jon@bottenlaw.com
Drew A. Perkins (R-Natrona) - drewperkins08@gmail.com

See how your Representative voted on final reading - http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2012/Digest/HB0070.htm

To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners