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Hands down, the best new report I've seen to date.


New member
Apr 10, 2009
Kent, Washington, USA
Jack House wrote: Nope. It's called slicing the pie. With moving and some one-handed grips you will hold your gun at angles. This is especially true if you are looking around doorframes/corners. You can drastically reduce your profile to your target. Obviously it is good tactics to leave as much of your body behind cover/concealment as possible.

I don't think he was talking about one of the slicing the pie examples. I think he was talking about the time that one guy was shown for like 1 second looking around a wall with his gun held sideways while not slicing the pie (or not clearly doing so since it was so short).

I assume the idea was that since he was peaking by turning his head sideways he should also turn the gun to keep the sites in line properly.