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GRNC Alert 7-29-2012: Morrisville Moves To Restrict Your Rights


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Sep 18, 2010
Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10665, Raleigh, NC 27605

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GRNC Alert 7-29-12:

Morrisville Attempts To Restrict Your Rights

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Morrisville City Council meets soon to decide your fate as gun owners

The town of Morrisville is the latest to hop on the bandwagon to restrict your rights under the laws passed in December of 2011. The Town Council will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, July 31st at 6:30pm at 100 Town Hall Drive to hear feedback from the community before it moves to restrict where gun owners can carry within the town’s parks and recreational areas.

As you well know, State Law passed in December of last year allowed for Concealed Handgun Permit holders to carry concealed guns in state and local parks and recreational areas. A number of municipalities across the state have sought to circumvent this law and enact their own restrictions to prevent law-abiding citizens the means to protect themselves. The “recreational facilities” in which municipalities may still ban guns include only athletic fields, swimming pools, playgrounds and athletic facilities, not areas of passive recreation such as greenways and other areas included in the proposals that this Town Council is trying to illegally pass. The Town of Morrisville appears to be the latest in the line of communities that are attempting to ignore your rights under state law.

It is vitally important that you contact the Mayor of Morrisville, as well as members of the Town Council prior to the public hearing on Tuesday, as well as taking the time to appear and voice your opinion at the hearing. Using the contact information provided here, make sure that the town of Morrisville is not allowed to restrict your right of protection!

Email and Call Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe and voice your opinion.
Email and Call Individual Members of the Morrisville Town Council.
Attend The Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 31st at 6:30pm To express your opinion on this matter in public.

Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe:
Telephone 919-677-9153,
Email: jholcombe@townofmorrisville.org

Mayor Pro Tem Liz Johnson
Telephone: 919-462-8859
Email: ljohnson@townofmorrisville.org

Council Member Michael Schlink
Telephone: 919-244-2041
Email: mschlink@townofmorrisville.org

Council Member Steve Diehl
Telephone: 919-678-8544
Email: sdiehl@toenofmorrisville.org

Council Member Margaret Broadwell
Telephone: 919-467-1623
Email: mbroadwell@townofmorrisville.org

Council Member Steve Rao
Telephone: 919-434-5996
Email: srao@townofmorrisville.org

Council Member Mark Stohlman
Telephone: 919-949-1403
Email: mstohlman@townofmorrisville.org


Suggested Subject: "Do not deny my rights in parks"

Dear Mayor Holcombe and Council Members:

As a North Carolina gun owner and Concealed handgun Permit holder, I am deeply disappointed that the Town of Morrisville is considering actions to restrict my ability to defend myself and the lives of my family within town parks and recreational areas.

As you well know, the only people that will be affected by such actions would be law-abiding gun owners, and not the presumptive criminals who you intend to restrict. Criminals, by definition, do not follow laws and will be in no way affected by your proposed restrictions. Law-abiding citizens, however, will be greatly affected and would have to make the choice of leaving themselves open to attack while visiting Morrisville’s parks, or simply go elsewhere.

I ask that you reconsider restricting my right to carry as protected under state law passed last December. The law was passed to insure that law-abiding citizens had the ability to protect themselves if ever the case should arise. Your intentional actions designed to circumvent these new laws are greatly disturbing, to say the least. The “recreational facilities” in which municipalities may still ban guns include only athletic fields, swimming pools, playgrounds and athletic facilities, not areas of passive recreation such as
greenways and other areas included in the proposals that this Town Council is trying to illegally pass.

I expect you to do everything in your power to defeat this attempt to deny lawful gun owners their ability to defend themselves. I will be watching your actions carefully through updates from Grass Roots North Carolina.


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