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GRNC Alert 6-19-12 Senator Apodaca Thumbs Nose At Gun Owners


Regular Member
Sep 18, 2010

Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10665, Raleigh, NC 27605
919-664-8565, www.grnc.org, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137

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Senator Tom Apodaca tells GRNC member that HB111 is a dead issue and will not see a vote

Now he pulls procedural trick to prevent a vote

Senate Rules Chair Tom Apodaca’s disturbing conversation with a GRNC member will be detailed shortly, but first things first, here is what he has just pulled to prevent Restaurant Carry…

Senator Doug Berger (D, GRNC ****) attempted a discharge petition to force HB 111 out of the Finance Committee for a vote on the floor of the NC Senate. Bravo! But, wait! Senator Apodaca (delivering on his angry words to a member) will have none of that and has pulled a procedural trick to block this. By re-referring it to the Commerce Committee, Apodaca resets the clock on HB 111 and it cannot be brought out via a discharge petition for at least 10 days. This move essentially assures that the clock will run out on HB 111, effectively thumbing his nose at your wishes.

Read the details of a conversation with a GRNC member yesterday and you will see the depth of his resolve to prevent you from protecting yourself from Restaurant Homicide. Apodaca had some choice words for gun owners in North Carolina, GRNC President Paul Valone, and GRNC in general. In addition to his berating of GRNC and gun owners, his main message was this: HB 111 is a dead issue now and will NOT see a vote on the Senate floor!

Quoting directly from the conversation, Senator Apodaca reveals just where he stands:

“He answered the phone himself. I asked if there was still time for HB 111 to come to a vote. His voice got rather loud, said "no! Its too late and it will not come to a vote". Said he did not like the way he was being treated by GRNC in general, and you (P. Valone) by name and that I should get my money back from GRNC because you (P. Valone), again by name, were doing the gun owners of NC no service. With that, he hung up the phone.”

The Blame Game Begins

While Senator Apodaca’s memory is questionable concerning the history of HB 111, we feel it is necessary to remind gun owners in North Carolina that it was HIS actions, along with the actions of other Republican Senate leaders that caused this. All they had to do was bring it out for a vote and they had the perfect chance in the Senate Judiciary II Committee. Now Senator Apodaca plans to run the clock on your safety. Are you going to let him get away with this?

Immediate Action Required

Email ALL Republican Senators (Listed below)

CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR, whom you can find by going to: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/representation/WhoRepresentsMe.html
(Note: You will need your 9-digit zip, which can be found on your driver's license.)
Ask them what kind of trick Apodaca is pulling and demand a vote for HB 111.
HELP GRNC RUN RADIO SPOTS: At $350 per spot, bringing the public into the fight isn’t cheap. Moreover, GRNC needs money for numerous runoff elections, and for the General Election in November – in a battleground state, no less. Please help us accomplish the objective and defend your rights by joining or contributing at: https://ssl4.westserver.net/grnc.org/join.html!

Contact Info

Austin.Allran@ncleg.net, Tom.Apodaca@ncleg.net, Phil.Berger@ncleg.net, Stan.Bingham@ncleg.net, Harris.Blake@ncleg.net, Andrew.Brock@ncleg.net, Harry.Brown@ncleg.net, Peter.Brunstetter@ncleg.net, Chris.Carney@ncleg.net, Warren.Daniel@ncleg.net, Jim.Davis@ncleg.net, Don.East@ncleg.net, Thom.Goolsby@ncleg.net, Rick.Gunn@ncleg.net, Kathy.Harrington@ncleg.net, Fletcher.Hartsell@ncleg.net, Ralph.Hise@ncleg.net, Neal.Hunt@ncleg.net, Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net, Wesley.Meredith@ncleg.net, Buck.Newton@ncleg.net, Louis.Pate@ncleg.net, Jean.Preston@ncleg.net, Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net, David.Rouzer@ncleg.net, Bob.Rucho@ncleg.net, Dan.Soucek@ncleg.net, Richard.Stevens@ncleg.net, Jerry.Tillman@ncleg.net, Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net, Wes.Westmoreland@ncleg.net


Deliver This Message

(Suggested subject line: “No tricks on HB 111!”)

Dear Senators:

I am highly disappointed in the refusal of Senate Rules Committee Chair Tom Apodaca to allow HB 111, the Restaurant Carry bill, to the Senate floor for a vote. His behavior on this matter troubles me greatly and I urge you to use all your power and influence to reverse his actions of referring it to the Commerce Committee where it is destined to die.

Remember, it was largely thanks to the gun owner vote that you all came to power in this last election. The dance is on, remember who brought you.

I will be watching this via Grass Roots North Carolina’s alerts and I will Remember in November.


A Concerned North Carolina VOTER

62 Caddy

Regular Member
May 10, 2011
Raleigh, NC
Sent Senator Tom an email last night about my disappointment in his actions and that this will be remembered when elections come for him.