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Governmet and you: Karl Denninger speaks the truth --Enjoy!


Regular Member
Aug 24, 2008
on a rock in the james river
"Chuck Schumer seems to be confused, as is documented here:
On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer called on major gun retailers like Wal-Mart to suspend the sale of assault weapons temporarily.
“In Florida alone, there were nearly 5,000 background checks requested on the day of Sandy Hook, as opposed to the day before where there were 3,000,” said Schumer.
That's right Chuck, the people of this nation are voting with their wallets. They believe that your actions may rise at some point to the level of high treason against natural law ensconced in the Bill of Rights and declared in The Declaration of Independence.
170 million people have been slaughtered by tyrants in the 20th century alone outside of direct wartime combat. Arguably the most-outrageous in terms of the percentage of the population murdered per unit of time was the 1994 slaughter in Rwanda where 20% of the population, some 800,000 people, were shoved in the hole in 100 days."

" Let us not forget that you, Mr. Schumer, were later a co-sponsor of S 106 in 2007 to recognize the Armenian Genocide -- not-incidentally also preceded by firearms registration and confiscation!
Now you have the gall to demand..... firearms registration and confiscation!"

"During that time we have been witness to an outrageous display of utter contempt for the law where financial instruments that are known to be crap are sold to people and later admitted to have been known to be "vomit", over 100,000 cases of perjury are committed and later admitted to, an entire county is rooked out of billions in hinky sewer derivatives through various devices including actual bribery, multiple major international and US financial institutions are caught funding drug cartels via money laundering in the billions and our own government arms Mexican drug gangs illegally, resulting in thousands of dead Mexican citizens and at least one confirmed murder here in the United States -- of a border agent. And that's the short list; I have a litany of these events here on The Ticker as do many others, and in many cases these are not mere allegations -- they've been admitted to and thus are facts."

Go Karl! Here's the rest:



Founder's Club Member
Nov 15, 2006
Fairfax Co., VA
Great article!

The current anti-gun fedgov behavior is bizarre.

The Colorado legislature can address the Aurora movie theater shooting if it wants. The Connecticut legislature can address the elementary school shooting if it wants. But, we see Diane Feinstein whipping up a furor when her state hasn't had a problem. She's basically sticking her nose into Colorado and Connecticut's business. Why is the fedgov getting involved? Its a giant breach of federalism as well as an attack on self-defense.

I'm thinking this is another weak point in the anti-gun argument. Susceptible to attack by pro-gunners and pro-constitutionalists alike.