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Funny Story


Regular Member
May 30, 2008
Near The Beach, Virginia, USA
imported post

I work for one of those large building material company. Yesterday, I standing around a bunch of customers and co workers and found myself cheer, "OPENCARRY!".

Some guy I dont know, and never got a chance to speak with was OCing, be was standing at the customer service desk. When I saw him, my spontaneous response got some odd looks form two co-workers. One was a woman(who got what I ment) and a guy(who did not).

The co-worker that did not understand my comment was like? :shock: He looked at me ans was asked, WHAT? My female coworker and I explained to him what OPENCARRY was.....he seamed be inclined to think it was good thing. I learned latter he use to have a CHP/CWP(whatever they call it in FL. when he lived there) years ago.

I was kind of depressed female coworker who knew what OC was then looked at me and said, "Dont you think that scares some people?". My response, "yea, I am sure it is scary to some....and to others it looks like freedom.".

Yesterday was a bad day for this republic and freedom. That OCer, who I do not know, cheered me up on a day I needed it.

(BTW, this is the 5th or 6th person I have seen OC at my work in the last year.)