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Cornfused on where to vote


Herr Heckler Koch

DOJ to monitor Wisconsin recall election, Milwaukee are required to provde Spanish


" In addition, Justice Department personnel will monitor polling place activities in ... the city of Milwaukee. Civil Rights Division attorneys will coordinate federal activities and maintain contact with local election officials.

As reported in a previous ... post Obama Campaign strategist David Axelrod told reporters on Sunday that an "army of lawyers" will be in the Badger state "to protect" the vote during the recall election."


Campaign Veteran
May 18, 2009
Wisconsin, USA
I'm set on where my polling place is, but I was wondering if the Dems know that they have to go to Illinois to cast their choices...

View attachment 8559 :confused:

Interesting that you mentioned Illinois....this morning at my local voting establishment the line to get in the building was very long...over an hour in line waiting to vote. Several people in line were of course talking and....wait for it....they were from Illinois. Huh?!? Apparently the voter fraud is in full swing with Illinois residents voting here in Wisconsin. I'm going back to the parking lot in a few minutes with my camera....to see how many Illinois plates are in the parking lot. I know it isn't "proof" of anything but at least I will know how many Illinois vehicles are there.

I hope we keep Walker and if so...I think we may have the first set of riots happening here in Wisconsin because the Dems can't accept that their "candidate" lost the election.

Be prepared!


Campaign Veteran
Jul 27, 2011
West Bend, WI
I would've pointed them out to the poll officials. If they didn't do anything, call the police. Crime is crime, and that ones a felony

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