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Contacted my attorney today.


State Researcher
May 7, 2007
Troy, Alabama, USA
imported post

I talked to Scott Hooper, my attorney this evening, and at his request, sent him a copy of our handout that Rick and Kurt put together. Here is the email that I sent him:

Here is a .PDF of the trifold handout that two members (Kurt Bogle of Auburn University, and Rick Henderson of Tuscaloosa, Alabama) of our newly founded organization, The Alabama Firearm Rights Association, researched, authored, and arranged.

Our premise behind the creation of this is that the open carry of firearms for self defense is the pure, uninfringed right of the people of this state. Regulations on concealed carry are acceptable, as it is a deviation from the pure protected practice; however, as is evidenced by our findings listed in the document attachment, state law, as well as the courts agree with our assertion that the right to carry openly is guaranteed and non-infringeable.

I hope you find this interesting at the very least. If anyone can verify or argue the logic/factual evidence we've compiled, I believe you are the person. On behalf of the ALFRA, I thank you for looking over this. If you are interested or want to learn more about the group, you can contact me via email, or have a look at our website
http://alabamafirearmrights.org. The site is still under construction, and won't be up for a week or two, but if you'd like, I can let you know when it's up and running.

Andrew Mathis
Co-founder ALFRA
He said he would look it over and write back, but as he is a busy guy, I do not expect a prompt reply. If he is interested, this could be a huge step in the direction of legitimizing our efforts with the help of a licensed attorney. I'm not promising, or expecting anything, but I am hopeful!


Regular Member
Nov 25, 2007
Mobile, Alabama, USA
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Very good vm, let`s all hope that something good will come from this.I for one thank you and everyone else who is trying to bring about a change with respect to our rights to own and bare arms.