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Contact Senator Barrasso with the simple message "Hold Holder."


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Nov 8, 2006
Newcastle, Wyoming, USA
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From David Codrea and WaronGuns http://waronguns.blogspot.com/
Sometimes, Saying "No" isn't Enough http://www.trib.com/articles/2009/01/24/editorial/forum/852208f84cd9067d8725754700658696.txt

Why I will vote 'no' on Holder​
Good for you, Senator Barrasso.

But here's the thing. That in and of itself won't cut it.

We need for you to go the next step and put a hold on the confirmation process. Filibuster. Obstruct. Delay. Loudly call on each senator who received an NRA endorsement--including democrats--to join you.

Lord knows Fairfax won't.

That's really the only way Holder's going to be stopped, and you know it.

So anything short of doing what it actually takes becomes pretty meaningless. A cynical person might even deem it risk-free and opportunistic.

You've assumed point on this, which makes you "It."

Please show real leadership.

Hold Holder.

I ask WarOnGuns regulars to join me.

Contact Senator Barrasso with the simple message "Hold Holder."

And get this post to every Wyoming gun owner you know, and ask them to contact him, so that Barrasso knows his constituents expect him to lead on this.

Do it right now.

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