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California Ban on Lead Ammo


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Mar 7, 2010
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In 5 to 10 years hunting, and other shooting sports, will be de facto illegal in California. Prima Facie hunting with firearms will seem to be legal; however, the regulations will be too burdensome for hunters to comply.

CDFG will see huge reductions in revenue and it will be forced to go the legislature for its funding. The legislature will force more burdens as a quid pro quo for funding. More burdens on CDFG will equate to more burdens on hunters, which will further decrease hunting license and tag sales (CDFG is mostly funded by sportsmen).

The strategy to ruin hunting is operational right now. CDFG is now CDFW. The transformation of California Fish and Game has started with removal of "Game" and the substitution of "Wildlife" in its name.

The lead ammo ban is the implimentation of one more tactic.

Hunters are a huge gun owning demographic.

Liberalism sucks. Collectivism sucks. Tribal politics sucks. Democratic ideology is a religion and it is dangerous to free people who believe in individual civil liberties.


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Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
if what mark.. says comes true ... you'll have a lot of deer smacking into cars and killing children.

Not the children!

Then they'll have to pass a law making deer crossing streets a crime....then spend $$ to hire more cops to enforce the new law.