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70-Year-Old Vietnam Veteran Kills Robbery Suspect Who Points Gun at Him


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
The 70-year-owner of a Houston barbecue joint shot and killed a man who tried to rob him over the weekend.
Police said the man had just closed up J&S Bar-B-Que in northeast Houston on Saturday night and was walking to his car, KTRK-TV reports.
The man, whom police did not identify, was carrying a gun because he'd been robbed before, he told police. So when two men jumped out from behind a dumpster in an attempt to rob him, he shot at them. One of the men was hit twice, in the throat and chest. He was taken to a hospital, where he died.


POSTED 6:59 AM, FEBRUARY 5, 2017
When a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran from St. Louis was confronted by armed suspects in Madison County, Illinois, on Thursday, he pulled his own gun and opened fire, killing one and wounding the second.
According to KSDK, the veteran was dropping off a friend in the “200-block of Abbott Street.” Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said, “Two individuals rolled up next to [the veteran and his friend] in a vehicle, asked for directions, and when they had their attention, took out a firearm.” When the veteran saw the gun, he reacted by pulling his own weapon and opening fire.


hummmm what are the odds??? both on the same timeframe, with 70yo, two suspects, one killed???

me thinks that ham sandwich in denmark has gotten rotten and moldy...

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