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Recent content by YoungGunz

  1. YoungGunz

    Question Regarding Maine Law (not really OC)

    I will start of by saying that this is not really an OC question, but it js Maine specific so i thought this would be the place to post it (correct me if im wrong). I generally OC, but am putting in my application for a Maine non-resident concealed carry permit for those times when OC isn't...
  2. YoungGunz

    Iwb oc

    I didn't see an Idaho thread on this(granted I only looked for a minute or two) and was just kind of curious. Is an IWB holster good for OC here in Idaho? I can't really see any Kootenai county or PFPD/CPD LEOs making an issue of it, but I can't speak much on other LEOs. Kind of curious because...
  3. YoungGunz

    What Constitutes a Sidearm Being Visible

    Alright this is something that has kind of been keeping me guessing. I'm not 21 so I can't get a CCW permit, but the only time I have my shirt tucked in is if I am at work. I was just curious what constitutes a gun being visible and therefore legally OC'ed? For example, if I were to wear a shirt...
  4. YoungGunz

    Open Carry in Spokane Area

    I'll start by sayingthat I apologize if this should be in the legal forum insteadof Washington, but as it was a Washington specific question I assume it is supposed to go here. So Ilive is Post Falls, ID and commute to Airway Heights, WA for work (I work at NQRC). I have researched all the...
  5. YoungGunz

    New to OC

    Well I've been living in Idaho for almost a year now and have recently taken to carrying in the open. I am not 21 so I cannot get a CCW permit, and figured since open carry is legal in Idaho I would just do that to avoid any legal troubles. I have never been a self conscious person, but I have...