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Recent content by Thors_Mitersaw

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    East Norriton PA Parks sign and code

    http://ecode360.com/8110746 Chapter 139: PARKS AND RECREATION AREAS are EITHER of these lawful? Doesn't PA state preemption make G null? And how can they prohibit highway legal plated vehicles from using parking facilities at parks? For some, a motorcycle is there primary or only means of...
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    mental health facility

    imported post Does spending time at a mental health institution by requirement of a court or by voluntary admittance disqualify you for gun ownership or carrying?
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    Chambersburg / Franklin County area

    imported post Does anyone live or regularly open carrying in this area (Chambersburg/Franklin County)? If so how was the general reaction of the local citizens and police, mostly positive, neutral, negative? Are police here educated about the legality? Should I know about any stores that...
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    moving to PA soon

    imported post So I am moving to PA... today :P... and I need to find out what the laws are for concealed and open carrying. Is it at all similar to VA? Have any links?
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    Digging the new header image

    imported post I LOVE the new image of the citizens carrying up top. Its much more friendly and reflective about what this is about. Its not about guns, its about PEOPLE. Kudos to that executive decision :D
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    out of state concealed

    imported post I was wondering if out of staters can get Alaska permits? It seems they share a pretty wide range of reciprocity according this map here (http://www.usacarry.com/index.php/state-resources-mainmenu-42/interactive-permit-map-mainmenu-50.html)
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    Kimber Eclipse Custom II

    imported post I am considering purchasing a Kimber Eclipse Custom II but have some questions and concerns aimed at the gun and possibly general handgun knowledge as well. To start with, I have to say one of the major things that is drawing me to this gun is the beauty of the thing. I have seen...
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    Open Carry Litter Pickup

    imported post The North East Shooters Association, following in the footsteps of the free staters in NH, recently held an open-carry litter pick up on a New Hampshire beach. I just thought I might humbly make the suggestion that other groups like OC.org could organize to do this as well? Seems...
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    CC course expiration?

    imported post I was certified in October of 2007 at the NRA hosted concealed course. I was arrested the first time I went to apply for my concealed permit. I have not been back since to apply for it. Can I still apply for the permit or does my certification or what not for safety and competance...
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    Idea for Marylanders

    imported post I had the idea to start a dedicated grassroots gun rights campaign in MD. I would suggest asking the man from http://www.a-human-right.com/ for permission to print some of his wonderful and powerful imagery, or purchase right to do so, and post the images all over various county...
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    imported post Does Virginias state preemption apply only to firearms? Where is the exact statute for the preemption? According to the law I link to below, I would assume, by state law, that a knife on my side, so long as not concealed, is legal. If these are nto also preempted are there county...
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    imported post I have seen lists of state reciprocity agreements for Virginia concealed carry permit holders that say a certain state will recognize a VA permit but does not have reciprocity. What does this mean? Is there a up to date map or chart of what states will allow VA permit holders to...
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    Calling all scholars

    imported post http://www.telegram.com/article/20071209/NEWS/712090616/1052 The article itself is rather well done but he first and only comment at the time of this post is a rather excellent counter from the anti crowd. I would very much love to see someone with a more complete knowledge of...
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    Arrested in Courthouse

    imported post I drove to the county clerks office today in an attempt to obtain my concealed permit. I had my gun in my car. I walked around trying to find the damn place. Walked in. Realized I had a magazine in my left coat pocket that was lodaed but not before Isstarted empting my pockets. At...
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    Another one for you Cop lovers

    imported post http://freedominourtime.blogspot.com/2007/10/bloodsuckers-in-blue.html no one watches the watchmen