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Recent content by Teddybearfrmhell

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    Anti-gun Advertisers Advertising on a Gun Site?????

    i just logged on to find a banner ad for Disney Resorts blazing across the opencarry page..... um, last i heard wasnt disney ANTI gun?
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    US Supreme Court will not hear......

    arguments from the local sheriff regarding medical marijuana and chl.... http://www.kbnd.com/page.php?page_id=60248&article_id=11239 i know have 4 medical marijuana patients in my life..... all of the fine people and upstanding citizens, deserving of the ability to defend themselves...... also...
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    the next david pyle?

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    where did the thread go?

    what happened to the 4th of july detained and disarmed thread????
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    A concealed carry trip planner......

    found this on another site, hadnt seen it before, thought it might be helpful..... but as always, double check with the state statutes. no one else will do your time if you are convicted. http://apps.carryconcealed.net/packngo/
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    Buying, Selling, Trading????

    As it is legal in oregon to have private party sales , and i am fairly new here, i was wondering if there is a forum or an online bulletin board that you have used and recommend? i am considering turning some of my turning over some of my collection and want to make sure the government is out...
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    When Congressmen ATTACK!!!!!

    imported post just another reason the people of washington dc have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, if they didnt, there would be a lot less politicians! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oqIP9yagkQ :shock:
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    Road trip to the Oregun coast thru California

    imported post So i just got back from spending a few days on the oregon coast with my girls..... we rented a cottage at whaleshead in brookings, ocean view, hot tub, bbq..... what more could a guy want? a more direct route, thats what...... if you drive hiway 199 out of grants pass and catch...
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    Anti-Police sentiment among Oregon Open Carry???

    imported post The past few days i have been wondering if i was the exception to the rule or the norm.... with all the anti-cop feeling voiced here on another thread, i was just wondering how other oregon citizens feel...... but first, i shall put my neck out and tell you how i feel.... #1 I...
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    Costco Policy

    imported post Today a friend of mine was open carrying in costco when a store supervisor came up to her and asked her to cover her weapon. My friend did as she was asked since she was in the middle of a few weeks worth of shopping and she is NOT one to make a scene. Now i have carried in...
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    Notice of Intent

    imported post As i feel the need to continue to seek information about the detainment for mental evaluation AND weapons seizure here in Medford by three local law enforcement agencies i have decided that a little local display of concern is warranted. It is my plan to contact REPEATEDLY the...
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    Medford Police keep public in the dark

    imported post http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100319/OPINION/3190317/-1/NEWSMAP i wonder if the police chief, the sheriff and the head of the state police barracks are feeling persecuted? feeling disgruntled? feeling like the entire world is watching them? are they a...
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    my own personal open carry day

    imported post today i decided to have my very own , personal open carry day. i have been carrying concealled for 24 years, always leagally.... either by permit, or statute or in the case of mississippi at the time, no permit needed. today tho was a first... i open carried into the eagle point...