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Recent content by samkent

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    Riding a Motorcycle with a Pistol on my hip.

    In Indiana is that OC or CC? I have a 40 mile jaunt into IN. tomorrow. I'm from Ohio and I do have my Ohio permit.
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    Hasseled at MicroCenter fo OC

    My router bit the bullet Saturday afternoon. So after supper the boys (collage age) and myself made an emergency run for a replacement. Now I have kept an eye out for signs there as they used to have them. But for about two months there has been nothing on the doors in the area where they used...
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    No Guns at Great American Ballpark

    It was just on the news. Metal detectors at all entrances. Isn't this a publicly owned facility? Do they lease it to the Cincinnati Reds? Does that make a difference?
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    OC While Hunting

    The boss informed me that it is illegal to carry a hand gun while hunting. Is this true? It started when I emailed him a link to a bow hunters encounter with a bear. If it were me and I had my carry, I would have opened up on the bear...
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    Dayton or Cincinnati Gun Show?

    Last year I attended the 'Bill Goodman' gun show in Cincy. Not impressed. It looked more like a garage sale. This year Dayton has one this weekend and Cincy next weekend. Is the one in Dayton any better or bigger?
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    Can Officer Force ID....

    The weather is getting cooler. We will start wearing jackets and coats. Question: If we are on public property and the wind blows open our jacket and exposes our gun can an officer force an ID check to verify we have a CC permit?
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    Illegal Arrest After Effects

    Reading all these threads about county fairs brings to mind a question. I know most on here are not lawyers but all opinions are welcome. If you are wrongly arrested what are the left overs on your record? Are your prints sent to our friends in Washington? Does a background check come back...
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    Kroger being selective?

    Last Saturday as my lady and myself were leaving another customer in one of those weasel carts said My gun was nice looking. He also said 'they' told him he could not enter OC'ing. I've been in there twice and no one paid any attention. But then again my polo shirt is tucked and my hair is real...
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    OC into Banks?

    I am new to CC. Only since May. And I still haven't CCed into a bank. I just place my gun under the seat. Do you OC into your bank? Any reactions the first time?