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Recent content by SaintJacque

  1. SaintJacque

    Gun Survey Info on Open Carry (Informal)

    If you're not already familiar with it there is a gun section of the social bookmarking site Reddit called Gunnit. I frequent it for news related to firearms and RTKBA information and so on. Today, one of the users posted results of feedback from over 300 users who participated in a substantial...
  2. SaintJacque

    William Shatner on Gun Control

    Strong argument for the RKBA: http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/10/william-shatner-on-gun-control-1464048.html
  3. SaintJacque

    How can you enforce your right to a CPL?

    imported post I got my CPL last year. I OC sometimes and CC others, and I wanted to be able to carry loaded in my car so I got one. Shortly after that I got my sidearm (Springfield XD) and started carrying every day, without exception. Now, I've got a couple friends and my mother interested in...
  4. SaintJacque

    What would you do...

    imported post EDIT: Sorry about the link, it's here http://www.vimeo.com/12623919 I came across an interesting video today and it got me thinking, what would you do if you were in the camera man's shoes and were carrying. It's pretty short, I recommend watching it. The summary, as I saw it...
  5. SaintJacque

    Question about state parks

    imported post So some friends and I will be going camping over the summer, I haven't been camping in a very long time. Can anyone tell me what the rules are as far as firearms in state parks? Specifically, carrying and transporting but also plinking with something like a Ruger 10/.22. If you're...
  6. SaintJacque

    OC at Toys 'R' Us and more...

    imported post My little sister (she's 14, I'm 26) wanted to stop by Toys 'R' Us in Tacoma because she's really into Sonic the Hedgehog and wanted to pick up some of the figurines before the ebayers hoarded them all. (Yes, it happens and I swear I didn't go for myself - honest :)). My mother and...
  7. SaintJacque

    Your thoughts on the Washington Arms Collectors

    imported post I'm going to the WAC gun show at the Puyallup Fair Grounds this weekend. Since they do these every month, and its necessary to purchase or carry on the grounds, I was considering becoming a member. But first I wanted to see what you guys thought. Have any of you had any...