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Recent content by OC for ME

  1. OC for ME

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    ...if the court rejects the Congress's commerce clause claim why does congress's claim via 922 remian a law of the land...congress....and the courts will not divide the congress or the courts...state's rights are only relevant when congress and the courts agree...
  2. OC for ME

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    I think it was Black v. Norte Cackalacky, 4th Circ., where those judges cited that OC was legal in NC and thus not RAS to search/seize Black. Now, will a federale judge be smart enough to know that I am not be violating state law, and carrying lawful under the federal constitution. I know that...
  3. OC for ME

    Firearms on Post Office Property

    No judge is gunna let you comport yourself within the confines of state law on federal property...
  4. OC for ME

    Attorney General Opinion 20-046

    ..."possession" is the key term depending on the location of the polling place. If VA statute does not prohibit OC, or CC, at some polling places...seems like OC/CC is prohibited in any event...you'll need a boat load of C-notes to fight this "opinion"....
  5. OC for ME

    Hot Topics LOL, Older Firearm Owners and Advance Planning: Results of a National Survey

    Well, at least three folks clicked on the link...ad revenue was graciously appreciated...as to "The Dahmer"...I'm confident that his victims are comforted that "The Dahmer" was not a sadist...pft!!
  6. OC for ME

    I have an idea....

    ...as long as folks give money to these organizations...with tax dollars towards the ACLU...not gunna happen...better to vote them irrelevant...in the case of the ACLU, vote in conservatives and their money tree will wither away...
  7. OC for ME

    OR man slides Glock inside his waistband - yepper he did!

    ...another Glock incident...go figure...
  8. OC for ME

    Health and Human Services says BUY AMMUNITION. TWT Chumley

    ...is Caputo a liar or a whistle blower...hmmm...not listed in either "news" articles...
  9. OC for ME

    Trump to consider invoking Insurrection Act exception to Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

    ...one man's insurrectionist is another man's freedom fighter...
  10. OC for ME

    This is why distance is your friend

    The problem is that cops who do attempt to deescalate situations may find themselves voted off the island...ask former officer Stephan Mader... ...no good deed shall go unpunished...
  11. OC for ME

    Seems our smartfones aren’t quite protected (chg’d to appease those that can speel ot type)

    ...Boston...those fine citizens voted in their own treatment at the hands of the state...with a smile...
  12. OC for ME

    Trump to consider invoking Insurrection Act exception to Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

    BLM is not about bl's nor whether or not they matter...follow the money...
  13. OC for ME

    Potential Incident At The Range Today

    ...apparently, liberals own guns too...
  14. OC for ME

    This is why distance is your friend

    Send a social worker...they are trained to deal with vulnerable individuals...if I am faced with a vulnerable individual and a social worker does show up, before I am forced to react to a threat, I'll not shed a tear for the outcome that transpires...nor will I intervene on the behalf of the...
  15. OC for ME

    NC Statutes susccinctly state use of deadly force to protect property is a no no.

    1. Whose car...the home owners? 2. Crappy shooting from the homeowner at the thug...00 buck shot works better for home defense... 3. Own more than one gun. 4. More info is needed.