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Recent content by OC for ME

  1. OC for ME

    "Citizens" and government

    ...elections have consequences...as long as we vote...that is...
  2. OC for ME

    Carrying while wearing a mask??

    ...is it not against the law to wear a mask in Virginia?...beyond those required for the performance of various employment activities...as in cops don't arrest six y/o's on All Hallow's Eve...
  3. OC for ME

    Eye deep in idiots

    ...regular folks, the gun owning kind, need encouragement?...they will not await a rapid police response to save them from harm?
  4. OC for ME

    Mayor Jenny Durkan Bans Guns Under Emergency Order

    Liberals have little interest to look in the mirror when civil unrest occurs...
  5. OC for ME


    Don't get your hopes up..."QI" is enshrined in state laws in many states...more commonly referred to as "exceptions for coppers" that we serfs do not enjoy.
  6. OC for ME

    Trump Forced to Withdraw His ATF Nomination

    If Trump is a "2A guy" the BATF&E would be relegated to a similar size and scope as the NTSB. All non-DoD federal lands, national parks, CoE managed lands etc.. would be returned to the respective states where state guns laws apply.
  7. OC for ME

    ISP Files "emergency rules" for FOID & CCL

    ...Now that right there is funny...I don't care who ya are...
  8. OC for ME

    ISP Files "emergency rules" for FOID & CCL

    Good for them...given the anti-liberty proclivities of Illinois LE.
  9. OC for ME

    St. Louis Zoo: communication log + TRO filing/status + legal/financial help needed

    The judge makes a reconstruction where none should have occurred in my view. Having a permit to OC, where RSMo 21.750.2 is invoked by a political subdivision, is not "connected" to RSMo 571.107.1. "RSMo 571.107. Permit does not authorize concealed firearms, where — penalty for violation." The...
  10. OC for ME

    so it begins...Raleigh PD questioning OC firearms

    Not an issue if Norte Cackalacky cops would respect the federal and their own state's constitution. Political critters' power is only derived from the largess of the people, and willing anti-individual liberty cops willing to use violent physical force to subjugate the citizenry...at the behest...
  11. OC for ME

    St. Louis Zoo: communication log + TRO filing/status + legal/financial help needed

    Emphasis is mine. Permits for CC are not required. OC is not subject to the statute.
  12. OC for ME

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    He remains in the US of A...probably...because his departure from this forum clearly denotes he does not agree with his own words. But, he will very likely work...and vote...to have the US of A become Spain...or the UK. ...good riddance I say!
  13. OC for ME

    H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

    Ironic...knowing that liberals do this repeatedly...and yet they remain in office.
  14. OC for ME

    VA Governor signs Gun Control Bills

    ...repeal...now that right there is funny...I don't care who you are...
  15. OC for ME

    KY Freedom Rally May 2

    Did I miss the QI opinion?