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Recent content by NC-Heel

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    NC OC experience reports

    Waffle House' corporate policy is no firearms. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?101414-Waffle-House-Nationwide-No-Carry-Policy-Now-In-Effect http://alabamaopencarry.com/forum/index.php?topic=3492.0...
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    NC OC experience reports

    As far as the Waffle House thing, I have never been in one that did not have this sign stuck on the wall inside.
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    NRA Convention, what can we do?

    Permit holders can open carry correct? Any things we should be aware of as us out of staters visit your fine state for the convention?
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    LEO's attemt to disarm me

    I know this has nothing to do with open carrying but I feel it is relevant enough to share. Left a restaurant in south Charlotte that serves alcohol and was concealed carrying. Pull into Harris Teeter to get some snacks and see blue lights. I have a tinted tag cover that defeats those...
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    C&E shows in Charlotte

    Did C&E pull out of the Charlotte market? I see they still list show dates for Concord but nothing for The Mart on Independence.
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    Blue Ridge Parkway NC/Va

    Are there any issues I should be aware of for OC'ing on the Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C. and Va.? I will be on a motorcycle.
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    Open Carry in the Charlotte News

    http://www.wcnc.com/news/neighborhood-news/Man-walks-neighborhood-with-rifle-neighbors-fear-potential-for-violence-204710741.html I know he is carrying a long gun and I am aware of the rules I still find this newsworthy for the open carry community and the fact that it is a long gun is...
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    NC OC experience reports

    Let me give you some food for thought. First off Secondly I realize it is a comfort issue thing but I would never carry a firearm that I was not 100% confident in its' ability to not shoot without my input. You will most likely need your sidearm when you least expect it and are in the worst...
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    SB 410, Constitutional Carry. Is it a coincidence?

    Is it a coincidence that Wabbit says he is done on this forum due to all the backlash he gets for continually bashing GRNC and GRNC announces the submission of SB 410 that would institute Constitutional Carry?
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    Road rage incident with firearm involved.

    Your thoughts. http://www.wcnc.com/news/crime/Video-shows-man-pull-gun-in-NC-road-rage-fight-199920001.html
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    Road rage incident with firearm involved.

    Needs deleting, tried to fix but instead it was reposted.
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    Asked CMPD about open carry

    You are incorrect, It was GATTTOTP. Sitting here looking at the arrest sheet. There was also a resisting charge. I have also read the incident report and the charges are BS. Can't site because the last time I posted it I was chastised for posting someones personal info. P.S. I could have...
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    Concealed Permit Question

    The cards come from Raleigh for Mecklenburg County. I know this as fact as the lady that administers the concealed carry permit for the county is a friend of mine. They submit the information to Raleigh who prints the cards in batches and returns them to the counties in batches. If they...
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    Closest I have come to drawing.

    I am of the belief that you should never reach for a holstered weapon unless you are intending to draw and discharge that weapon to stop an aggressor. Police grip their pistols because they are trained to escalate a situation so they are always one level above the subject. When a law abiding...
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    Open Carrying at 21

    Bi-Lo is marked as a gun free zone. Be aware.