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Recent content by MainelyGlock

  1. MainelyGlock

    Light or No Light?

    I recently started carrying my Glocks with a TLR-1S in a Safariland holster. I wouldn't use this as a replacement for the Streamlight that's a part of my EDC, but I figure since it's on there for home defense, it might as well be on there 24/7. Here's my current rig. How many of you guys...
  2. MainelyGlock

    Texas Senate Passes Guns On Campus

    It'd be awesome if Maine allowed something like this. So far, it's limited to keeping guns locked in cars, but hopefully that will transition to allowing on-person carry. "During the debate on the Senate floor, Democratic Sen. Jose Rodriguez of El Paso argued the bill would lead to allowing...
  3. MainelyGlock

    Ruger Mini-14 Will Be Both Legal AND Illegal Under Gun Ban

    Yet another example of why Feinstein's ban will once again do NOTHING to stop crime. http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=24126723
  4. MainelyGlock

    Bill to Make CCP Information Private

    Nice! But of course the Press Herald is opposed to it. A clear example of choosing which rights to support. http://www.pressherald.com/politics/Maine-lawmker-proposes-making-concealed-carry-info-private.html
  5. MainelyGlock

    IWB Holster for Glock 22 w/TLR-1S

    Thanks,I'll check out Theis! Crossbreed takes way too long for my liking. And yeah, it's ugly as hell! Especially with my duracoat wearing off too
  6. MainelyGlock

    IWB Holster for Glock 22 w/TLR-1S

    I just ditched the Viridian for a TLR-1S with a contour switch. Much better! And I also got a Safariland 6377 for OCing, but now I'm looking for a CC holster to accompany my Glock and Streamlight. I've been looking hard at some Blade Tech holsters. Anyone have any experience with them? Or have...
  7. MainelyGlock

    Gun Store Uses Feinstein's Name To Promote Gun Rights

    Thought this was both amusing and ironic! http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/11/gun-parts-store-registers-sen-feinsteins-domain-name-uses-it-to-promote-gun-rights/
  8. MainelyGlock

    Sig P229 or Walther PPQ?

    In a month or so, I'm looking to buy either a Sig P229 SRT or Walther PPQ, both in 9mm. I had a .40 PPQ, and I LOVED IT, but had to sell it due to financial difficulties. Of course, it's hard to beat a Sig, but which would ya'll suggest? Other purchases I'm considering instead of another...
  9. MainelyGlock

    The End Of Open-Carrying In Maine?

    Keep in mind this was written and posted by the Press Herald, so take it with a grain of salt. A group of Maine police chiefs plans to ask the Legislature to tighten the law allowing people to openly carry guns in Maine. The chiefs scheduled a meeting for later this month on the issue after...
  10. MainelyGlock

    Safe To Say The Press Herald Is Anti-Gun!

    http://www.pressherald.com/news/States-have-subsidized-assault-rifle-makers-to-tune-of-19M.html Barbara over there on the right looks very well educated on all things related to gun manufacturers.
  11. MainelyGlock

    Unloaded Magazines on Airplanes

    A few days before Obama's awe-inspiring press conference around gun control, I ordered some 30-round AR mags from Brownells. Long story short, the order was delayed, I tried to cancel a few times, but they went ahead and charged me/shipped it despite having been told it was cancelled. Soon...
  12. MainelyGlock


  13. MainelyGlock

    To The Person Open Carrying an AR-15 Today In Portland...

    Just curious as to how the conversation with the police went? Sorry if this breaks forum rules since the man was cg gun. I'd like to focus on how politce handled it though, assuming the person will ever see this.
  14. MainelyGlock

    Issued Citation for OC'ing In My Driveway Tonight... 5 Squad Cars Necessary?

    This is going to come out as a jumbled mess at first, just so I can write everything down. I'll organize it later. I stupidly did not record any of this. At 9:49PM today, I called 911 because I noticed there was a man asleep in my driveway while I was taking out the trash. I tried speaking to...
  15. MainelyGlock

    Holster for Glock 22 with Viridian X5L

    So I'm FINALLY getting an X5L next week, but I have been unable to find any name-brand holsters that will accommodate a full sized Glock 22 with an X5L mounted. That, and I also need one that's left handed. Anybody know of any? Doesn't need to be locking, but some retention would be nice, that...